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“By design to define the world we see,and convey the values and ideas that we think it is fit.”

                                                                                                                                                                  ——Kadell Atelier  

Design integration in life,life can create more designs.Not vanity,not blindly,to form an optimistic state of the contemporary young women’s life.It is the design philosophy pursued of Kadell.Each of our creation will be the emotional expression of the soul of such young women.


Kadell's customer base, their life trajectory must be different.But because the same love of life, art and fashion, exudes personality charm.Kadell's creative inspiration comes from the wonderful thing and emotional expression of them.This is what philosophy and values Kadell wants to convey to customers.It is “Design integration in life,life can create more designs.”From the appearance point of view, most of the Kadell bags with lively and beautiful colors and unique smart appearance, forming a strong visual impact.And because of closing to the artistic life, at the very beginning of creation bag, we not only will into delicate female elements , also will add romantic and arrogant elements.To show women's self-esteem and self-confidence characteristics.

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